EP Review: Shae Brock – Was It Real Or In My Mind?

Shae Brock is a singer-songwriter and musician from Arizona in the USA – she’s a singer-songwriter and musician with a folky feel to her music, but it also sounds rather unique compared to a lot of the typical singer-songwriter fare that we hear, and you can really feel the influence of the Arizonan landscape in her music. Shae has recently released an EP called Was It Real Or In My Mind? – read on below to find out more!

By Jane Howkins

The first song on the EP is titled Cosmic – it has quite a dreamy feel to it, with the guitar melodies sounding almost psychedelic. There’s a lot more going on here than first meets the ear and it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything (as with most of the songs on the EP), but it’s the guitar melodies that really shine through here.

Mary Jane is the next song up, having quite a slow feel to it. This track has more of a jazzy/bluesy vibe to it than the previous song, but it still feels rather dreamy, and the title of the track more than hints at the psychedelic style – the lyrics are a love letter to cannabis and Shae’s sultry vocals lend the song quite a sexy feel – I also loved how the track builds up over time, with a sense of tension present that is quite rare in a lot of music nowadays.

Wish starts off with a slow acoustic guitar melody, – whilst the electric guitars do appear later on, the acoustic guitars are the real star of this song, giving the track a folky vibe. The sparse instrumentation highlights Shea’s beautiful vocals even more and the song sounds absolutely haunting at times, sounding very intimate.

Dazey brings the tempo up, being perhaps the most upbeat song on the entire EP. The bass guitar is very prominent here and makes the track sound very funky – it’s definitely the poppiest song on Was It Real Or In My Mind? There’s a sense of fun and playfulness to the lyrics and the rhythm gives the song a feeling of easy cool.

Make Love To You In My Dream is the final song here, bringing the speed back down to a more mid-tempo sound. The main chord sequence stuck out to me immediately, having an extremely beautiful feel to it. This was one of my favourite songs on the entire EP and the whole thing sounds gorgeous – it has that addictive quality that any good pop song has, without sounding too mainstream.

Shae Brock is a brilliant songwriter and it’s great to hear an artist creating songs that sound so different in today’s modern saturated pop world. She is extremely talented and I will definitely be watching out for more of her music in the near future – for now, make sure you check out Was It Real Or In My Mind?