Discovery: Lusa Morena

Lusa Morena are a London-based alternative rock act fronted by Portuguese singer songwriter Bárbara, who brings her own experience of depression and trauma to the band’s music. They’ve just released their first single and, from the evidence, they’re a band that we should be really excited about. Their debut is called Six Sessions.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Holly Whitaker

The track opens with a monster, scuzzy riffs and moments of percussion. Bárbara’s passionate and characterful lyrics storm in, delivering an opening verse that’s full of poetry and storytelling. I was hooked from the off, but a lively and memorable chorus absolutely sealed the deal.

Lusa Morena are a band producing some really unique music which is elevated by its raw, authentic and honest lyrics. I think they’re going to be a hot prospect in the UK rock scene. You can check out Six Sessions below.

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