The High Kings Announce Leeds Date

The High Kings are Finbarr Clancy, Darren Holden, Paul O’ Brien and Brian Dunphy.  Between them they play 13 instruments, creating their unique sound and atmosphere in the folk idiom and re-energise great Irish ballads. They have had great success over the years including Best Folk Act at Ireland’s Music Awards. Their reputation has grown tremendously, and they have had enormous success both within the US and Ireland.

After 11 years at the top of their game, they are still selling out venues around the world to an ever- growing army of loyal fans.

Notable live performances include Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight Festival (3 times) headlining in 2015 and they have performed in Times Square, as well as headlined the St Patrick’s Day concert in Trafalgar Square in London in 2015. 

The High Kings continue to set the bar extremely high for Irish folk bands across the world and are widely regarded to be the standard-bearer for their genre in 2020.  They are, essentially, marking out a new and bright era for Irish folk music. Their Leeds date will be held at City Varieties on June 12th.