EP Review: Blake Dagley – The Nashville Sessions

The Nashville Sessions is an EP released by musician and singer-songwriter Blake Dagley, having just three tracks on it. However, this keeps the music short and sweet, making you want to come back for more! Check out the review below – if you like what you read, then make sure you listen to the EP at the bottom!

By Jane Howkins

Ain’t Going Down Like This is the first song on The Nashville Sessions, opening the EP up in style. The song starts out with a gorgeous acoustic guitar melody, with Blake’s soulful vocals weaving over it beautifully. The tension slowly builds up into the chorus, which sounds extremely emotive and anthemic. I loved the western vibes of the track – the production sounds amazing too, as it does on the entire EP.

Paradox is up next, this time introducing the song with a lovely electric guitar tune. This track has a mellower vibe to it than the previous one, but sounds no less beautiful, sounding just as emotional. It’s a testament to Blake’s vocal range that he’s able to do this so effortlessly, in a number of different styles.

Milly is the final track on the EP, bringing the acoustic guitar back to the forefront of the music. It’s a very folky song, with a lovely piano melody joining the rest of the instrumentation. The lyrics have a real sense of storytelling to them, with Blake’s vocals illustrating them perfectly.

Blake Dagley is an amazing musician and songwriter, with a great vocal range to match. The Nashville Sessions is perfect for anyone into their folk or country music, coming highly recommended from us at York Calling!

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