We are a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. Our mission is to promote and expand York’s music and culture community.

If you ask me what York Calling is about, I’d start by telling you what it’s not about. It’s not about forming a clique. It’s not about judging whose music or performance or whatever is good or bad. It’s about celebrating the creative place that is York. It’s about giving the creative people in York a ‘virtual community’ to form around, to tell us what they’re doing and find out what others are up to.

 – Graeme Smith, Founder and Editor in Chief of York Calling

Who are we?

Editor in Chief: Graeme Smith
Managing Editor: Jane Howkins
Assistant Editors: Molly Riley, Katie Manning
Regular Contributors: Chris Mackins, Andy Argyle, John Hayhurst, Matthew Glanville, Martin Frank