Mostly Autumn at Fibbers

Local York band Mostly Autumn played at Fibbers last weekend, performing a set full of new songs from their latest album Dressed In Voices, as well as a range of older classics.

By Jane Howkins

Photos by Chris Mackins

Unusually for a gig at Fibbers, the band had no support act, which is apparently quite common for them. Instead, they played a fairly long set (around two hours’ worth of material), and the popularity of the band showed that they didn’t need anyone else to warm the crowd up for them, doing the job perfectly themselves.

For those who don’t know, Mostly Autumn are a local band with a very large, cult following in the York area. The band was formed in the city in 1995, and since then have amassed a great deal of respect from the musical community in the city (as well as elsewhere). This was clear from the start of the gig, with many dedicated fans being there to cheer the band on, who seemed very comfortable on stage, chatting and cracking jokes with the fans.

The band’s musical prowess was great too, and despite a few technical issues at the start (vocalist Olivia’s microphone was a bit quiet for the first couple of songs), these were soon remedied and were not much of a problem at the time anyway. A lot of songs from the latest album Dressed In Voices were played, alongside old favourites like Heroes Never Die and Evergreen. A few welcome surprises were also present, with a Breathing Space cover (a now defunct side project that featured vocalist Olivia Sparnenn, lead guitarist and vocalist Bryan Josh, and keyboardist Iain Jennings) being played, as well as some older tracks.

A very good show overall, and we hugely recommend you go and see the band play a hometown show in York rather than elsewhere in the future, due to the magic of such an occasion.



Mostly Autumn played at Fibbers on Friday 20 May 2016