The Menzingers, Brudenell Social Club

Punk/Indie band The Menzingers finished off their UK tour in Leeds on the 15th October.

By Jane Howkins.

After a string of U.K. tour dates, American indie rockers The Menzingers arrived in Leeds to perform the final show of their tour, where they combined anthemic songs with a frenetic punk energy that had the sold out crowd longing for more.

The Brudenell is a venue known for its raucous atmosphere, and this gig was no exception. There was a certain energy and excitement to the air (as well as several instances of police turning up) that helped to build up the tension ready for the headliners. Helping to ramp the excitement up were support acts Hot Mass and Roger Harvey.

Hot Mass played first and were an interesting addition to the bill, with the Swansea based group bringing their own style of eclectic punk to Leeds. For those unaware, their music style is kind of similar to that of the night’s headliners, with faster riffs and a heavier sound. A nice mix though, and a band we look forward to hearing more about in the future.

After that it was time for Roger Harvey to play an acoustic set. We found this rather surprising at first as usually at these sorts of gigs acoustic acts tend to be put on first instead of sandwiched in between two electric punk outfits, but his set worked as a nice little rest inbetween both acts, and it was good to see something a little different. The major downside to this was the fact that a lot of people seemed to see this as an excuse to talk, meaning that at times there were a lot of people not watching. This was a bit of a shame as Harvey’s music was great, however his place in the middle of the line-up was most likely the culprit of this, rather than people disliking his style.

Finally it was time for the The Menzingers to take to the stage, and they were certainly worth waiting for. The great thing about seeing them live is that whilst they play a very tight set, there’s something of an informal feel to it, and in a place like the Brudenell this was even more obvious.  There wasn’t much on stage banter but it still felt like the band were very much involved with the crowd, and the show was almost akin to seeing a friend’s band play (in a good way!) The set was pretty varied with songs from across their career being played, with the majority of the crowd singing the words back at the band. Particular favourites included The Obituaries, Nice Things and The Talk. During the encore they also invited Roger Harvey onto the stage to sing the anthemic Gates with them which was fun, and when playing the last two songs (a cover of Manthem by the Bouncing Souls and Rodent) the audience were invited up onto the stage to dance. Excellent stuff, and well worth seeing when next on these shores!