We interviewed singer/songwriter GEORGIE in the midst of Jake Bugg’s U.K. tour in which she is supporting.

Interview by Jane Howkins.


You’re currently supporting Jake Bugg on a tour of the U.K. How did that come about and were you a fan of Jake already?

Yeah, a massive fan. That first album is one of my all time records, it’s in my collection next to Harvest and Astral Weeks so I am super privileged to be supporting him. I supported him for his compass dates in London and he invited me back for these dates.

You’re originally from Mansfield, not far from where Jake grew up in Nottingham. Is that something you have connected over, and are there things in his songs that resonate with you because of this?

Yeah I think there are lyrics of his that resonate with many young people growing up in many places around England at the moment. I think that truth is always important and something I want to get across in my songs.

How did you get discovered as an artist?

By playing as many gigs as I could. I was playing almost every night in Nottingham and never turned down anything – even if they were hard gigs with like three people there and I wasn’t getting paid – but It worked out. I met my manager at one of those gigs and it started from there really.

Do you have any plans to do a headline tour yourself?

Yeah definitely! Hopefully early next year after these tours with Jake and Blossoms.

You recently released a single called Company Of Thieves. What can you tell us about it, and what inspired you to write the song?

I think it’s a very direct song where the lyrics paint the picture themselves. It’s pointing the finger at someone but it’s also quite general in the sense that the line ‘company of thieves’ could be about anyone. We’ve all been in a position where we’ve been surrounded by liars and people who have mugged us off.

You recorded the single in Virginia, in the United States of America. How did that come about? It’s quite a long way to go!

Yeah, that was amazing and a dream come true for me. To be working with someone like Matthew E. White and his band was magic. He heard my music whilst he was on tour and a few phone calls later I was flying out to start recording.

Do you have any plans to release an E.P. or a full length record in the near future?

I’m back in Virginia in January to finish the record so that’s exciting!

Who would you say are your main influences, and are there any acts you recommend our readers check out?

Definitely those strong women like Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks – I love them for their music and what they were singing about was really inspiring to me as a kid. I’m loving Christine and the Queens at the minute too plus that album is great, I love her individuality too.

You performed at the Glastonbury Festival this year, what was that like and how did that happen?

It was great! I’ve always watched it on TV and never actually been so to go and play was incredible! Dean Jackson (who has been a huge support) put me forward through BBC Introducing and so I got picked up through them.

Do you have any plans for any festivals next year, and is there anywhere you would particularly like to play?

Well I’d love to do Glastonbury again definitely! Hopefully I’ll be playing a whole more festivals next summer. I’m a big fan of them, and there’s so many now that are unique and great so that’s amazing for artists. I fancy playing Coachella too, hopefully one day!

What can people expect from a Georgie show, and why do you think people should come and see you?

Hmm rock n roll vibes and whisky. Just to come and have a good time with me, I really love sharing the experience with the crowd.

Any last words for the fans?

Hope to see you at a show soon! Gx