Motley Crue – The End.

Motley Crue have released a DVD showing their final live performance and it’s a great stocking filler in time for Christmas.

By Jane Howkins.

On New Years Eve last year, Motley Crue played their final show. Usually when a band does a farewell tour, there are a lot of comments about how they’ll be ‘back when they need more money’. It’s a cynical point of view and only time will tell, but there’s been hardly a peep out of the band since then, perhaps hinting that the band may be serious about the split at the moment. Considering that the band signed a ‘cessation of touring’ agreement in 2014, it’s probably safe to say that this might be the one of the last things released by the group.

However, there is a good piece of news for fans missing Motley Crue, and that’s that greatest hits package The End has finally been released, containing 6 LPs and CDs and a DVD of their final show at the Los Angeles Staples Centre – spanning their 35 year long career. It’s certainly a worthwhile collection for fans of the band, with pretty much everything you could ever want from them included here. The audio albums enclosed here are Too Fast For Love (1981), Shout At The Devil (1983), Theatre Of Pain (1985), Girls, Girls, Girls (1987), Dr Feelgood (1989), and Saints Of Los Angeles (2008), as well as the live DVD and CD of their final show.

Also included in the package are four exclusive, autographed, lithograph photo prints of the band, four exclusive Mick Mars guitar plectrums, a commemorative ‘final tour’ VIP laminate pass, and a hardcover photo book of the group. It is a little expensive at $175 dollars (which is about £138), but when you consider everything contained in the package it doesn’t seem so bad at all, and would make a great Christmas present for someone, whether they’re a newcomer or an older fan.

The sound quality of the songs is great, and after having heard a selection it’s great to say that tunes such as Shout At The Devil and Girls, Girls, Girls haven’t aged that much, still standing the test of time today. We all know what to expect from Motley Crue and if you’re not a fan then this isn’t for you. However, if you’re already a fan then this is the definitive collection and if you’re just getting into the band then this is the package to get, as it’s probably a lot cheaper to buy like this than to get everything else on it’s own.