You Me At Six – Night People.

Popular English rock band You Me At Six are releasing their fifth album Night People in January.

 By  Jane Howkins. 

   British rockers You Me At Six are set to release their fifth album in January, and we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a copy a month early. They’re fairly big in the U.K. at the moment, and their latest release looks set to push them even further into stardom, containing just the right amount of hooks and rock riffs to guarantee them a place in the halls of rock history.

There’s nothing here that is rapidly different from the band’s previous work, but it never sounds stale, with frontman Josh Franceschi and co. producing some fantastic melodies along the way. A particular example of this is in second track Plus One, which highlights Franceschi’s vocals really well. It’s a fairly rocking tune too, featuring a short, frantic burst of energy in the opening guitar riff, which is something that continues throughout Night People. Sixth track Swear is of a similar tone and has a stomp to it that is almost Muse-like, but it never sounds as if You Me At Six are trying to copy the Devon rockers, managing to make that bass heavy style their own.

Whilst it’s a fairly heavy album for the band, that’s not to say that there aren’t softer songs. It wouldn’t really be a You Me At Six album without them, and tracks Heavy Soul, Take On The World, and Brand New provide a nice tonal break from the action after the double whammy of title track Night People and the previously mentioned Plus One.

However, the action then starts straight back up again, heading into Swear and Make Your Move – the latter of which has an incredibly fun chorus, and one that sounds like another song that we can’t quite put our fingers on. It’s not that it sounds plagiarised or anything like that, but it’s extremely catchy, and is everything that’s good about this band. It’s almost as if the band have plagiarised themselves, but in the best way possible.

Generally, this is a fairly good album and one that might be fairly good for newcomers to use if wanting to try and get into the band. It’s catchy but not too sugary, and features some of the band’s heaviest moments – certainly a good start to 2017 for music!