Clean Cut Kid, We Used To Be In Love.

Alternative Indie band Clean Cut Kid have released their latest EP, We Used To Be In  Love.

By Jane Howkins.

   Clean Cut Kid have gained a lot of traction in the musical world over the last few years, with a number of small releases this year helping them on their journey. We Used To Be In Love was one such release, showcasing the group at their very best.

They’re a band that many have heard of, whilst still managing to remain relatively underground. Hopefully that might all change in the near future, with their upbeat electro-indie pop (for want of a better term for the musical style the band play) providing some cheer for what many are predicting to be an ominous future.

   We Used To Be In Love has a slightly more electronic feel to it than previous Clean Cut Kid releases, but it’s good to see the band evolve and change their sound up a little. Hospital Lights is particularly memorable due to this, with the first half of the song having lots of electronic elements to it, before erupting into a hard hitting chorus. There’s even a hint of funk at play here, with last song Loud Places featuring some tremendous bass work in that direction.

The lead single and title track of the E.P. is one of the best tracks that the band have ever released, with a great guitar riff running through it,  and the chorus is very catchy – although at times it can grate a little. It’s still a top song though, and something we would like to hear more of in the future from the band. The voice of frontman Mike Halls is also worth pointing out. It’s perfect for the music Clean Cut Kid make, with it being slightly similar to the lead vocalist of Band Of Horses, Ben Bridwell. There’s a joyful quality to Halls’ voice, portraying the sound of a band truly having a lot of fun with what they’re doing. We’re very excited to hear what they manage to achieve in 2017.