Brave Vultures interview

Punk Rock band Brave Vultures caught up with us to discuss their new E.P., the pop-punk culture and their recent UK tour.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

You recently released an E.P. titled I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here, which we absolutely loved. What can you tell us about the writing and recording of that?

I (Dom) wrote most of the tracks on my acoustic guitar in my bedroom, and a couple of the track ideas were brought in by our guitarist Jack Hudson from ideas he had in older projects.

We recorded the whole E.P. over a couple of days in the studio in Essex – we kind of did an experiment and improvised with the tracks, as they were originally just rough demos.

Do you have any plans to release a full length release in the near future?

It’s still way too early days for a full length unless a major label pick us up. We have plans to release a few b-side tracks next year that we recorded in the summer. Also a charity Christmas song has been released.

There’s been a bit of a pop-punk revival this year, has that inspired you and do you think it has made it easier for you to get your name out there?

I wouldn’t really class Brave Vultures as pop punk but I have been influenced by a lot of pop punk bands such as The Wonder Years and The Story So Fr. Pop punk is great but I feel like it’s all getting a bit out of hand.

As well as larger bands like Green Day and Blink 182 releasing new albums, there has also been a slew of newer bands from within the genre releasing music, especially from the U.K. How do you find the pop-punk ‘scene’ at the moment, and are there any similar bands that you recommend?

I personally think that the pop punk scene is becoming too cliche and a lot of great bands are being lost in the shit storm of 100s of wanna be Neck Deeps coming through the scene. Bands need to find their own sound and be original.

Who would you say you are most influenced by, and are there any groups not from the pop-punk genre that you would recommend our readers check out?

Most the bands that influenced us aren’t pop punk. We take a lot of influence from Moose Blood and Turnover. I’m also into a lot of older music, my favourite band is Blind Melon, everyone should check them out!

We hear you recently lost your drummer, so we assume you will be looking for a new one at the moment. How is that going?

Unfortunately yes, our lead guitarist has also recently left the band due to mental health issues. We will be taking a few months out to find the right people and find our feet again. It’s been a hard few months in the Brave vultures camp!

You recently completed a U.K. tour. How was that, and where was your favourite or most eventful place to play?

We played 4 days in Europe and then 5 in the UK. Both tours were awesome. We played a small acoustic show in Bristol and that was so fun!

Do you have any plans for a future tour or are you holding back for a bit now due to the drummer situation?

Unfortunately like I said above; things are going to be quiet for a few months until we find the right people.

What can people expect from a Brave Vultures show, and why do you think people should come and see you play?

At times it can be fun and energetic and others sad and emotional. It’s like a rolleroaster show!

Any last words for the fans?

Thanks so much for sticking with us and please be patient while we work through the hard times on the horizon. We will be back.

Dom Littler – vocals and guitarist