Bastille – Wild World

Indie pop band Bastile released their second studio album Wild World last year and here’s what we thought.

By Laura Toomer

   Wild World is the second full length studio release for London based indie pop band Bastille. Nobody could have predicted the huge success their début album Bad Blood would become. Three years later, and Bastille have toured the world securing both Grammy and Brit Award nominations – all pretty impressive considering the songs were written in lead singer Dan Smith’s bedroom. Thankfully, a number one position and almost four million album sales has not made them complacent, and in fact it has done the complete opposite. With the stakes set a lot higher, they have worked hard to produce an album that encompasses their vast range of influences that include hip-hop, pop, indie, dance and rock into one sound. With catchy riffs and electro infused hits, Bastille have created an album that far surpasses their first.

The music still shows Smith’s personality, including a number of carefully chosen vintage movie samples included this time around, as well as guitars. The new addition to the Bastille sound comes from the fact that the lead singer has learned to play guitar since releasing the first album, and their music has definitely changed for the better since he acquired this new skill. The guitars feature heavily on one of the more dramatic songs of the album called Blame, which has a Good Samaritan narrative showing that one small act of kindness can transform a whole day.

Good Grief was the lead single from the album, and since its release it has been seen all across the festival circuit. Whilst not a traditional subject for a hit, the song explores the subject of funerals and coping with the concept of life after death, however in true Bastille style, this is done in an upbeat and rousing way with a massive chorus that wouldn’t look out of place in an X Factor final.

Warmth subtly reflects the current feelings of shock and disbelief in the political turmoil that 2016 brought, becoming the perfect anthem to sum up the year with lyrics such as “did you see the news last night… hold me in this wild wild world”. However The Currents is far more explicit and straight to the point of Smith’s political views where he says exactly what he thinks of the recent situation with the lyrics: “we’re sinking in the pool of your mistakes”.

Overall, Wild World sounds as though it was written with global takeover in mind. Its ability to rouse listeners with its thoughtful lyrics, stadium filling choruses, and broad range of influences makes this an album that includes something for everyone, as well as a few songs that are screaming out for the number one spot.