Embrace, Love Is A Basic Need

English alternative rock band Embrace have released their short E.P Love is a Basic Need. 

By Jane Howkins.  

  Love Is A Basic Need is a short E.P. from indie pop band Embrace, formally released at the tail end of last summer to mark the Secret Festival in Leeds that the band help to put on.

E.P.s are usually the mainstay of less well known bands who don’t have the funding to be able to release a proper full length record, instead choosing to release the few tracks they have in a smaller form to the public. As a bigger, more well known band, it was thus surprising that Embrace decided to release such an E.P., and especially one with only three tracks on it.

However, the songs on display here are for the most part very good, so it appears to be a case of quality over quantity – something to be welcomed in today’s music industry. Love Is A Basic Need was actually released as a limited edition E.P. due to the aforementioned Secret Festival that the group put on (although digital copies are available to purchase online), which goes some way to explaining why they decided to put an E.P. out instead of an album proper.

It’s a little more upbeat than their previous self-titled effort (released in 2014), and whilst that album promised to hark back to their original sound, the three tracks on Love Is A Basic Need also have the feeling of an early Embrace. They’re a little simpler in presentation than their stuff of late, but there’s an anthemic quality that never goes amiss. The lead single and self-titled first track is bold and brash, with second song The White Alien exploring Embrace’s quieter and more melodic sound. Last track Bash The Rat is our least favourite and is the most forgettable of the three tracks, but overall this is still a fun little stopgap between albums.