Eric Clapton, Live In San Diego

Live in San Diego is the thirteenth live album by the British rock musician Eric Clapton from March 2007.

By Jane Howkins. 

As the title probably suggests, Eric Clapton’s latest release isn’t a studio album proper, but rather a live show recorded in San Diego back in March of 2007. It seems rather odd for this live album to have been released almost ten years after the original date, but Clapton fans will lap it up, with newer (and perhaps less die hard) fans advised to go for one of his studio albums instead.

Live In San Diego is a very good live album. It’s usually a good idea to be wary of these kind of things, as they’re often released as cash cows – with a lot of live releases not sounding all that different (and sometimes worse) to what can be heard from listening to tracks recorded in the studio. However, Clapton’s latest live release thankfully bucks that trend, and is better than some of the other live recordings he has released. Simply put – if you’re wanting a CD of Eric Clapton performing live, then this is the one to get.

It’s a relaxed set that Clapton plays, featuring both well known and less popular tracks, with particular favourites including Layla, Wonderful Tonight, and Tell The Truth. JJ Cale (who sadly left this world in 2013) also joins Clapton and his band for five tracks over the two discs, with Cocaine showing how missed his talent is. At times the mixing quality drops below what would be ideal, but for the most part it’s on point.

Clapton and Cale put on a great show, and if you’ve never seen Clapton live before then Live In San Diego could certainly be influential in making you want to attend one of his shows. The sound quality occasionally dips and if you’re not a massive fan of Clapton then it would be better to get one of his studio albums, but this is a good live album and also another opportunity to hear the great J J Cale perform again.