Spill, Top Ten

Punk rock band Spill have released their debut full length on No Sleep Records, Top Ten.

By Jane Howkins.

Lancaster based band Spill (not to be confused with the dance duo) recently released Top Ten, which is the group’s début full length album. For a first release it’s fairly impressive, melding a mixture of genres and styles together to create their own distinct sound.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact genre one would put Spill in. The first few songs have a grungy fuzz-rock sound to them, with a hint of late Jawbreaker and early Weezer in there. Later on, that sound seems to disappear, with more indie rock elements emerging, as well as a few songs that hark back to the glory days of emo. This might confuse listeners a little, but it shows what the band are capable of, and hints at an interesting set of musical influences.

There’s very much a 90s sound at play on Top Ten, and opener Can’t Keep Cool is one of the biggest reminders of that sound. Spill take what might be considered to be an ‘old’ (or even dated) style and give it a good dose of originality, making for an interesting listen. Later songs like You Know It’s True and So Bright head down a different nostalgic path, into the realms of late 1990s and early 2000s pop-punk/emo. Spill have been compared to bands like The Menzingers in this regard before, but we think they’re more reminiscent of acts like Brand New. In particular, vocalist Brandon Gepfer’s voice at times has a similiarity to the voice of Brand New vocalist Jesse Lacey – especially in regards to the other band’s first two albums.

It seems that Spill aren’t entirely sure of what genre they want to belong in, but it is an interesting mix, and one that fans of different styles may like. We’re intrigued to hear what their next release sounds like, and wait with baited breath for it – this should make for an interesting musical evolution!