Everyday Sidekicks

We interviewed post Hardcore/Metal band Everyday Sidekicks to discuss their latest E.P., their upcoming European tour and their influences.

Interview by Jane Howkins. 

You’re set to release your sophomore E.P. Hope in March. What can you tell us about that?

We couldn’t be more proud of this E.P, we feel that these are our best songs yet. We spent a lot more time writing these songs to make sure they were the best they could be. There are a lot of pop-punk vibes mixed in with gritty hardcore, which has allowed us to be more versatile.

Did you find it hard writing and recording your second release? Sophomore records are known for being quite hard on a band, especially after a successful first release (The Things I’ve Seen).

Tim (Guitar) is always demoing songs and working on new material so it hasn’t been difficult for us. Fracture and Bury Your Friends actually started being written while we were waiting to release The Things I’ve Seen! The other songs followed shortly after. Archie had a lot more time to write his lyrics which we feel are a lot stronger on this E.P. There are some strong subjects covered which can relate to a lot of people.

Do you have any plans for a full length release in the near future, or is that a while off yet?

We definitely want to do an album, it’s something that we have all talked about many times but we don’t want to rush or force it.

You’ve also just released a single called Fracture, which will be on the forthcoming E.P. What can you tell us about that and why did you think it would make a good lead single?

Fracture is different to anything we’ve done before. Now that we are a four piece, the guitar sound is a lot more riff based and technical than on our previous releases. It’s really fun to play live and has gone down really well at shows! It gives people a taste of what our new E.P. Hope is going to be like.

The E.P. was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales. Why did you decide to record there, and would you recommend the experience to other artists?

We wanted to try somewhere new for this E.P and we were willing to go to the best place possible to get these songs recorded. Monnow Valley Studios is well known in our home city of Bristol and was a clear choice. The gorgeous surrounding scenery was a great place to keep us nice and relaxed during the recording process. Working with Tom Manning was a great experience for us as he really understood what we wanted to create and knew how to get the best out of us!

You’re also embarking on a European tour through March and April. We’ve noticed you only have two gigs lined up for the U.K. – in Manchester and Bristol. Will you be announcing more dates, and if not why did you decide to only play two shows here?

We will definitely be playing UK shows when were back from Europe but there are no plans to add UK dates to the tour as of yet. If you’re in the UK and want to see us, those two shows are your opportunity!

You’re also doing some shows in continental Europe. Have you toured abroad before, and is there anywhere you are especially looking forward to visiting?

This will be our first time playing abroad, we can’t wait! We have a good knowledge of the touring lifestyle we have toured the UK a few times now. We are planning on having a few days off to visit some places, we’ve talked about Prague and Amsterdam which would be awesome to explore!

Who would you say you are most influenced by, and what are you listening to at the moment?

We all have different influences but bands we can agree on are Architects, A Day To Remember and Blink 182. At the moment we all love listening to Underoath in the van. Gets us hyped up before a show!

Why do you think people should come and see you play live, and what can people expect from an Everyday Sidekicks gig?

Our new set gets the best of both our pop-punk and hardcore elements so there’s something for everyone. Expect riffs, mosh pits and dodgy gags from Archie (Vocals)

Any last words for the fans?

We can’t wait to see you at our upcoming shows and we ‘hope’ you enjoy our new E.P. as much as we enjoyed making it!