The Slow Show, Dream Darling

The Slow Show have released their self-produced second album Dream Darling.

By Jane Howkins.   

Last year The Slow Show returned with a second album, titled Dream Darling. Their first album White Water was released in 2015 and received a lot of praise, so it was crucial that their sophomore release was also of a high standard, so it’s a good job that they haven’t let us down in that regard.

If you’re the sort of person who likes fast, upbeat, action-packed songs then Dream Darling probably won’t be for you. The name of the band is actually partially derived from what they thought their music sounded like, so you can probably get the gist of their style even before listening to their music. It’s slow, minimalistic, and rather sad at times, but give it a chance and Dream Darling will suck you into it’s melancholic world.

These songs are extremely atmospheric, with multiple layers building and building upon each other until the immense soundscapes envelop you. The main instruments used are the piano and several stringed instruments, contrasting with Rob Goodwin’s deep vocals to provide a sound that is both beautiful and discordant. That may sound odd but it works, and over repeated listens it becomes apparent just how many different layers there are to the songs on Dream Darling. Fellow Mancunian Kesha Ellis also adds her voice to two songs (Hurts and Last Man Standing), adding a nice contrast to Goodwin’s deep singing style. The classical elements are something that was present on White Water, but here they have been built and improved upon, adding more to what may at first sound rather simple.

Like the name of the band suggests, these songs do take some time to start and first time around you might not ‘get’ them, but keep going and you’ll soon discover that there is an addictive quality to Dream Darling that starts to grow on you after a few listens. After a few more, you’ll be in love with this textured world, and whilst melancholia persists here, you’ll feel all the better for it in the long run.