Frontier Ruckus, Enter The Kingdom

Folk rock band from Michigan, Frontier Ruckus are set to release their latest album Enter the Kingdom later this month.

By Jane Howkins. 

   There’s something instantly welcoming about Frontier Ruckus. It’s like stepping into an old pub on a wet day, or sitting in front of a roasting fire on a cold winter’s night – there’s a warmth present, a feeling that you’re keeping the darkness at bay for just a little longer, and that’s something that is greatly needed in the world at the moment.

As all the best bands are, Frontier Ruckus are fairly unknown, which is criminal considering how good they are. Their music is folk-orientated, with a pop bent to it that is rather beautiful. Something that was immediately apparent to us was lead vocalist Matthew Milia’s singing style. He sounds like a cross between Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes and Olly Knights from Turin Brakes, and the pop aspect of Frontier Ruckus is a little like a cross between those two bands, with the aforementioned folk aspect and a little bit of a 60s vibe chucked in for good measure. If Simon & Garfunkel had started out in the 21st century, then they may have sounded a little like this.

There’s a beauty to these songs, and whilst it is one that is apparent at first, it grows on you as you listen to Enter The Kingdom more and more. And trust us – that’s something you’ll want to do. One thing that will become clearer over time is how bittersweet some of the tracks are. They’re still beautiful and there are a lot of upbeat points, but for every moment of joy there’s a moment of sadness and poignancy, and it’s this mixture that makes Frontier Ruckus’ music so life-affirming. There’s also that 60s pop element that we mentioned before, and that certainly adds to that bittersweet feeling, being a musical period that we have always found to have a creepy edge to it.

Enter The Kingdom is an absolutely gorgeous album from a highly underrated group.