Not Your American Idiots E.P.

Hopeless Records have just released Not Your American Idiots compilation EP featuring Green Day covers from their internationally based artists, With Confidence, ROAM, and Milk Teeth.

By Jane Howkins.

Not Your American Idiots is an E.P., featuring covers of popular Green Day songs by three up and coming pop-punk acts. The bands involved are ROAM (covering Basket Case), Milk Teeth (covering St. Jimmy), and With Confidence (covering Wake Me Up When September Ends). It’s also worth pointing out that the three songs on this E.P. were all originally featured on a Kerrang! magazine compilation album full of bands doing Green Day covers, so this isn’t an entirely new collection – although many people probably won’t have heard these songs before.

Cover songs are always dodgy territory and it’s hard to get it right, however we’re pleased to announce that two of the songs on this E.P. are fairly good. ROAM and With Confidence’s efforts are worthy versions that have been tweaked ever so slightly in order to make the song their own. For the most part they have been successful, and whilst they’ll never replace the original versions of the songs, they’re still worth checking out. On the other hand, we’re not so into Milk Teeth’s version of St. Jimmy, and to be perfectly honest it sounds a bit too clean and a little fake – especially compared to the original.

We would have preferred a slightly different tracklisting, as whilst all these songs are good, it seems strange that American Idiot has not been featured – especially considering that the E.P. title alludes to that song. If you can, we do recommend trying to pick up the Kerrang! Album, as there are more tracks featured on it, with more musical variety in the covers. The other thing we have an issue with is that it seems as though this E.P. has been rushed out to cash in on current political events going on in the world, but unlike the Rock Against Bush compilations, this seems forced and fake.

Nevertheless, this may be a good way for Green Day virgins to hear some of their songs and get into listening to them if they enjoy these versions. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?