Piano Wire, Dream Underground

Psychedelic Rock’n’Roll band Piano Wire have released their latest album Dream Underground.

By Jane Howkins.

   Dream Underground is a quirky record, sounding like a cross between Biffy Clyro and Queens Of The Stone Age – if one can imagine such a thing! Odd as that may sound it does make for a great mix, with Piano Wire looking to be one of the better bands on the British rock scene at the moment, even if they are relatively unheard of at the moment (although we reckon these guys are destined for stardom, so watch this space!)

Readers may recognise two of the band members, with Sym Gharial (bass guitar) and Andy Huxley (vocals and guitar) from Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster writing and creating most of the music on Dream Underground. However, Piano Wire don’t sound all that similar to their former group, so come expecting something a little different. We actually prefer their newer music to their older stuff – something that the band agreed upon themselves when we spoke to them earlier this month.

Gharial and Huxley’s partnership is obviously abundant in creativity, with interesting (and occasionally spooky) riffs mixing together with Huxley’s strong vocal delivery and lyricisms. That QOTSA influence is a little hard to shake, but it makes for some kooky desert rockesque riffage – something that you don’t hear that much anymore. A couple of examples of these riffs are included on tracks All Roads Lead To God, and Glass Elevator Music. Whilst the majority of the album is guitar driven there are also some electronic elements thrown in, such as those at the beginning of Red Electric Flower. However, this is never overplayed, and fits in rather well with the cold production style.

All in all, Dream Underground is a great first album from an upcoming band – much needed in today’s flagging British rock scene. And if you’re simply curious about what a Biffy Clyro and QOTSA crossover would sound like, check out third track Outline Of A Massacre – it makes for an interesting listen!