The Pigeon Detectives, Broken Glances

Leeds indie rock band, The Pigeon Detectives, have just released their latest album Broken Glances. 

By Jane Howkins.

The Pigeon Detectives are back and it’s like it’s 2007 again, when indie was the king of the musical hill. We’re kidding, although Broken Glances (the band’s fifth studio release) is a return to form, and a return to a past that some critics thought was long gone.

If you’re picking Broken Glances up having not listened to the band since their glory days then you may find yourself a little surprised. A lot of their previous music consisted of short, snappy, guitar-driven songs, and things are a little different here. The guitars are obviously still there, but they’re toned down a little, with the majority of the songs on Broken Glances having a slower and more expansive sound than what you would normally expect from the rock end of the indie genre.

That might put some people off as it’s quite a different sound, but it’s largely a good thing, showing that The Pigeon Detectives have grown up somewhat over the last few years. The catchy crowd pleasers we’ve come to expect from the band have been replaced by serious tracks at a lower tempo – something the band actively tried to do. You can tell that this is the music they’ve always wanted to make, before they got held back by mainstream accolades and the ‘landfill indie’ title. There’s more of a sincerity to Broken Glances, and that’s something to be admired from a band that could probably still be allowed to rest on their laurels for a long time. There are moments of filler and not everything on the album is perfect, but we’re happy to settle for that if it means a more mature sound overall.

Guitar driven indie hasn’t had the smoothest of rides of late but things look set to change, and Broken Glances gives us more hope for the future of the genre. This is the sound of a band finally coming of age, and long may it last!