Saviour, Let Me Leave

Australian melodic hardcore band Saviour have released their latest and comeback album, Let Me Leave. 

Jane Howkins.

Back in 2014, Australian metalcore outfit Saviour broke up, with no real reason cited for the split. It looks like those differences weren’t so irreconcilable (whatever they were, we still don’t really know) as they’re now back together, with a new vocalist and a new album, titled Let Me Leave. It’s gone down fairly well amongst fans, so if you liked Saviour’s stuff before they broke up then you’ll probably enjoy this.

Now, onto that new vocalist. Whereas previously Saviour were just your typical metalcore band with a male vocalist (who goes by the name of Bryant Best), they have now added three other members to the group, including second vocalist Shontay Snow. Best still does the majority of the singing/screaming, but Snow’s vocals add a different texture to proceedings, being the calm antithesis to Best’s perfect storm. This is a genre that can become quite generic at times, so Snow is definitely a welcome addition.

Sadly, Let Me Leave is still quite rather generic. It’s a bit of a ‘paint by numbers’ sound that Saviour have going on here, with things occasionally sounding as if they’ve been chucked in just for the sake of fitting in with the genre. There’s nothing wrong with metalcore when it’s done right, but it’s a genre that needs to be worked on and pushed at constantly in order to make some progression, and the songs here sound like they could be a decade and a half old, with a nu-metal sound also coming through at times.

Coming back to the vocals, we’re not entirely sure why Best appears to be singing in an American accent either, considering they’re from Perth. There’s a part near the end of The Quiet Calm where you can actually hear him talking, and he still seems to have an a faux Californian lilt to his voice, which makes us question Saviour’s authenticity somewhat.

Saviour aren’t a bad band at all, and it’s clear that they’ve made a conscious effort to evolve, what with the changes to their line-up and the addition of a female vocalist, but more is needed in order for them to rise above their peers.