Violet Youth

We interviewed Violet Youth, 19 year old lads from darkest Blackburn, Lancashire to discuss their latest single, their record label ModernSky Entertainment and upcoming festivals.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

Earlier this month you released a new single called Lucid Dreams. What can you tell us about it?

It came about really quick. We wrote it after recording a song with Sugarhouse. It it started as a jam, but we quickly realised it was a banger of a song. The lyrics came really quickly, which is a first. We wanted a song which we could just go mad to.

The title is pretty quirky. Have any of you mastered the art of having lucid dreams?

We’ve not mastered it, but when it’s happened it can get a bit dark. We like the concept of escapism and being in control of an alternate reality because everyday life is dead.

You recently signed to a new record label, called ModernSky Entertainment. What prompted the move, and are they treating you well?

They heard a single we recorded at Sugarhouse, and before we had had a chance to release the song they picked us up. They’re great guys and their guidance has helped us to step up a level. We’re excited to be one of the first bands to sign to the label, and their vision and ideals are something we really back.

ModernSky Entertainment are based in the North of England, as are Sugarhouse Music – the production team you worked with when recording the single. You’re from Blackburn yourselves – is working in the North of England particularly important to you?

Not particularly, but we feel comfortable in the North. The South is weird. You can’t beat Northern humour and we have built a good relationship with the guys at Sugarhouse, so it feels like home.

What is the music scene like in Blackburn? You’re not too far from Manchester which is obviously rather famous for its musical history – has that stretched over to Lancashire at all?

It’s very local, but there seem to be a couple of bands that are breaking through at the moment. With Manchester, Preston, and Liverpool not being too far away, a lot of the buzz is in the major cities. We want to bring the noise back to Blackburn and give everyone something to get behind and believe in.

Who/what would you say most influences you as a band, and what have you been listening to recently?

A big collective of our dad’s/mum’s favourite bands. Everything from Led Zeppelin to Take That. We listen to everything, old or new, whatever sounds good.

You formed last year, and are only 19. That’s fairly young to be on the circuit, and it’s also amazing that you have had such success so early. Do you feel that your age has hindered or helped you on your musical journey?

We don’t think age is anything to do with it. We are lucky enough to have had the right people listen at the right time. It’s only the beginning, and we have plenty of time to get even better.

We hear you’re releasing your debut E.P. sometime this spring. What can you tell us about that, and when do you think it will be released?

The E.P. sounds massive, it’s going to be out around spring time. It’s full of meaty snares, tasty riffs, and power bass. The E.P. covers the wide spectrum of our sound.

Do you have any plans for a headline tour in the near future?

A headline tour may be a bit premature, but we might do a few headline shows, maybe a couple of support shows. We can’t wait to be playing new places and getting our sound out to new ears.

We hear you have some festivals lined up in South East Asia – do you have a big fanbase over there? Do you have any plans to perform at any festivals in the U.K?

We’ve never been to China, so that’ll be an experience. We hope to grow a fanbase over there and we’re extremely excited. We’re playing at Sound City and hopefully a few more festivals that haven’t been announced. We haven’t played a festival yet, so we’re buzzing to see what’s it’s like from the artists side.

Why do you think people should come and see you play live, and what can people expect from a Violet Youth gig?

Plenty of bangers and energy. A load of laughs and generally a good time. An experience they’ll just have to tell people about.

Any last words for the fans?

Keep your eyes open for upcoming releases, get at us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and get yourself down to a gig. Thank you for the response to Lucid Dreams. This is only the beginning.