Still Corners, Dead Blue

London-based musical project Sill Corners released their latest album Dead Blue last year.

By Jane Howkins.

Still Corners released Dead Blue late last year, but it’s still worth checking out, whether you’re into your electronic music or prefer something a bit heavier. The London based group consists of duo Tessa Edwards and Greg Hughes, who have slowly upped their status over the last nine years or so, producing critically admired albums ever since their inception in 2008.

On first listen we’re reminded of Garbage, with Dead Blue sounding almost like a mix between the band’s 90s electronic sound and their more recent rock based song structures. Vocalist Tessa Edwards even sounds like Shirley Manson at times – especially on first track Lost Boys, where she repeats the refrain of the title over and over again in an extremely seductive way. However, Still Corners are good enough to stand on their own, and similar as they might be to Garbage, they’re still different enough to make the cut. For one, their music is a little more electronica orientated, with a pulsating, throbbing bassline persisting throughout most of the tracks, and the occasional trance chord thrown in for good measure.

It’s a captivating combination, and mixed with the fabulous production (and it really is fabulous, like a crisp wave of blue perfection), Still Corners have really got hold of something special here. There’s also a downright creepy element to some of these tracks, adding an eerie feeling that gets into you head and refuses to leave. Listen to Dreamhorse or Night Walk and you’ll get what we mean – they’re not the sort of tracks you want to listen to when walking down a dark alley at night.

There is some filler, but the good stuff outweighs that by a mile, and when they’re at their best, Still Corners are really something. A stunning release from a captivating group, and one that should suit both rock and electronic music fans.