Grandaddy, Last Place

American indie rock band Grandaddy have released their latest album Last Place. 

By Jane Howkins.

When we first heard Last Place, we were fairly new to Grandaddy’s music, with little prior knowledge of the band in general. However, after listening to the album a fair few times (and it is one of those addictive type of records), we’re hooked, and can say for definite that we’ve fallen head over heels for Grandaddy’s charms.

Last Place is actually the first album from the band in ten years (which somewhat explains why we haven’t heard much about them), so is naturally being seen as a comeback of sorts. Comeback is probably the right word, as whilst Grandaddy are relatively unknown compared to many of the other indie bands coming out of the woodwork at the moment, Last Place has critically creating a lot of anticipation towards its release, and rightly so. This isn’t indie as you might expect it to be, all poppy hooks and catchy guitars. Instead, it’s synth laden and introspective, dreamily pulling you along on a smooth journey through frontman Jason Lytle’s mind.

It’s a solid album, and is fairly consistent throughout. We recommend you listen to the songs in order a few times first before making a judgement, as this is music that is supposed to be listened to and actually thought about, rather than used as background noise whilst jogging at the gym. There’s a wistfulness and loneliness present throughout that sometimes makes for some fairly hard listening, but a sense of optimism pervades despite that, and you’ll hopefully come out of the listening experience feeling rejuvenated, or at the very least, more optimistic about the world.

Grandaddy have managed to pull it off, with Last Place being an excellent comeback album from a seemingly well loved (and well missed) band.