Catch Fire, A Love That I Still Miss

Nottingham pop punk band Catch Fire are releasing their sophomore E.P. A Love That I Still Miss, later this month.

By Jane Howkins.

In a few weeks, Nottingham pop-punks Catch Fire are set to release their sophomore E.P. A Love That I Still Miss, and we’re very excited for it. If you’re a fan of the genre in any way, then we recommend getting this, and there’s plenty of time to save up for it before the release date, so why not?

Vocalist Miles Kent previously stated that ALTISM was going to be more heartfelt than their previous work, and he wasn’t wrong. Guilty As Charged has him singing the lyrics ‘ I thought you’d rescue me, but my problems aren’t solved easily’, with the song going from a hard chorus to a much softer and more downplayed one – showing a very different (and very welcome) side to Kent. One thing we’re especially pleased about is that they’ve managed to avoid the major pop-punk pitfall of musical genericisms that have plagued similar bands in recent years, and quite frankly, ALTISM is a breath of fresh air.

There are things that will remind you of other groups, but there’s also plenty to make Catch Fire stand out from the crowd, and we love them for it. One bit that we found absolutely addictive was near the end of Reality, where the song breaks down just before the last chorus, into a riff that isn’t quite palm muted. Thin Ice is another banger, starting out with some unusual tempo changes to the opening riff, before cracking straight into the main part of the song. These tempo changes continue throughout, popping out at the most unexpected moments, and it’s things like this that really show the creativity the young band have.

A Love That I Still Miss is a cracking second effort from a great pop-punk band, and one that could see Catch Fire catapulted through the stratosphere. There are still a few weeks before this comes out, which is just enough time to catch up on the band’s previous work, so really, what are you waiting for?

A Love That I Still Miss will be released on the 24th March 2017.