Shaking Chains, Midnight Oil

Manchester indie band Shaking Chains have released their latest, two track record, Midnight Oil. 

By Jane Howkins.

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably not heard of Shaking Chains before. We hadn’t either, before Midnight Oil randomly arrived in the post, but we’re certainly glad that it did arrive. For those not in the know, Shaking Chains are an indie band from Manchester, with an eccentric sound.

Midnight Oil is a very short record featuring  two songs – the self-titled single and a second track, called Drunk No More. On our physical copy of the single, each song has been labelled as songs used to be on vinyls, except here the first song is referred to as the ‘A’ side, and the second song the ‘AA’ side – perhaps a cheeky nod to the fact that CDs don’t really have two different sides to them, like vinyls do. This hints at the mindset of the band, and they certainly seem to have some older influences, with a 60s vibe present on both songs.

Both tracks are very different, with Midnight Oil featuring a faster, and perhaps more typically indie rock sound to it. It’s catchy, with some interesting surf guitar work competing with frontman Jack Mahoney’s deep vocals and almost cowboyesque whooping. Drunk No More, on the other hand, has a much slower sound to it, with a bluesy 60s riffs underpinning the song. Mahoney also talks for part of the track instead of singing, which works more than you would naturally think it would.

Midnight Oil is an excellent release from an innovative band that obviously have lots of great ideas. Hopefully they have a full release on the go, as after this, we can’t wait to hear it!