Fie! Fie! Fie!, Live At St. Mary’s

Alternative, electro-acoustic band Fie! Fie! Fie! have released their live acoustic set E.P. Live at St. Mary’s. 

By Jane Howkins.

   Fie! Fie! Fie! (F! F! F! for short) are an indie/alternative band from Birstall, West Yorkshire; who recently released a live E.P. titled Live At St. Mary’s. As the name suggests, the E.P. was recorded in St Mary’s Church in Glomersal, with the gig basically being something of a homecoming show for the band.

The venue itself may seem like a rather strange place to hold such a gig, but concerts in churches have actually become rather fashionable recently, with the St. Pancras Old Church, and Unity Chapel in London having recently become popular places for concerts – possibly largely down to the setting, and the acoustics of such a building. It should be noted that F! F! F!’s set at St Mary’s Church was an acoustic one (the band’s sound fits largely round this style and tempo anyway), which obviously helps when performing in a church, and it does sound absolutely gorgeous in such an arena.

You can tell that this is a hometown show, as the band really sound completely at ease with what they’re doing, and there’s a sense of homecoming about the gig. That might sound like an odd thing to say about a regularly touring band, but such a venue would be nerve wracking for the most well travelled of groups, so for a band to sound this comfortable, there must be some kind of emotional connection. Fie! Fie! Fie! have this in spades, and there’s also some witty banter that fits in rather well, without distracting from the songs themselves. Whilst their sound definitely fits within the indie/alternative genre, we’ve almost got a bit of a sense of folk group Jethro Tull from this, especially on the first track, called North Landing Bay.

   It’s a nice little hint towards something a bit different amid a slew of so-called indie bands, and we’re quite excited for the new album that Fie! Fie! Fie! are currently working on. And if you get the opportunity to see them perform, we highly recommend going to a gig at a similar venue such as this, as it truly makes for a spectacular sound.