Bearcubs, Underwaterfall

London Electronic producer Bearcubs, or otherwise known as DJ Jack Richie, has released his latest E.P. Underwaterfall.

By Jane Howkins.

Underwaterfall is the second E.P. by London electronica producer Bearcubs, otherwise known as DJ Jack Richie. It’s a very minimalist affair and inhabits a very niche area of the genre, so might not be for every EDM fan, but those that do warm to this will surely love it.

It’s interesting that Ritchie has chosen to call this E.P. Underwaterfall, considering that the intro to first track Burning Up has a number of effects present that give the impression of dripping water. On first listen we wondered if this was intentional, and have since come to the conclusion that it must have been, giving an insight into the imaginative nature of the enigmatic producer. A lot of thought has gone into these four tracks, and whilst at times they may seem overly simple, with electronic samples and sounds filling the tracks alongside minimal vocals, there’s a lot more at play here than first meets the eye. One thing that first hit us was how deep the music actually goes, with multiple layers pressed over each other, so that your ears are constantly picking out new bits and pieces, with too much to focus on all at once. At times it’s the equivalent of a hyperactive child, with so much going on that it will take you a good few listens to be able to pick up on everything, but Underwaterfall is well worth that wait. Interestingly, there are a lot of industrial elements at play, with Ritchie managing rather well to incorporate these together on last track SL001.

   Underwaterfall is an interesting E.P. from a rising talent in the British electronica scene. We imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future!