We interviewed indie band Seasonal to discuss their new single Certainty, performing live and their musical influences.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

You just released a new single titled Certainty. What can you tell us about that, and why did you decide to release that song as a single?

We decided to release Certainty as the first single, as it is pretty much down the middle for what to expect from the record. It’s not the most pop track which is what would be expected for the first single, but we felt good about this track and stuck it as track one on Bloom, so it felt like it was a good stepping off point to introduce Seasonal. The song is about the balance in a relationship where compromise may no longer be an option, but you keep going back for more. The realisation you are in a relationship that isn’t really working, and having to be the person to bring up the flaws and break it off. The line, “when we’re both too numb to feel anything at all”, sums up that point couples unfortunately get to sometimes. We hope you like it.

Do you have any other songs you would like to release as a single in the future?

Yeah, we’re already starting talks about the production of video number 2. This will be dropping in the summertime. The track is also on Bloom but we don’t want to give away which one yet. Anyone care to guess?

Bloom is set to be released in May. What can you tell us about it, and why do you think people should check it out on release?

We’ve worked really hard on getting this E.P. to where it is, and all of the tracks on it mean a lot to us as a band. Stylistically it’s quite a mellow pop rock sound, and lyrically it is very honest. We think what we have created is a well rounded debut. There’s something there that could appeal to fans of a bunch of genres. People should check it out on release because it’s a great record and we think they’ll be surprised that it’s our debut.

What is the writing/recording process like for you as a band, and what sort of things inspire you to write?

We practice as a band once a week, and then demo all our ideas on a computer. We keep picking them apart and refining them until we are happy with the track. Once we’re all happy and we have the vocals down and are happy with the content, we head down to record at Hidden Track Studios in Folkestone, and Oz Craggs puts his magic touch on them. I think we’re just inspired by day to day life, other bands, and personal experiences. Lyrically, we write about stuff that means something to us, and all the tracks have a story.

Who/what would you say has influenced you the most in terms of music, and what have you been listening to recently? Anything you can recommend to our readers?

My personal favourite (Alex) and biggest influence is Jimmy Eat World. It’s a band we’ve all listened to since we were kids, and their new record Integrity Blues is great. This band have been smashing it for a long time now. A Will Away are a newer band we love, and have just released their debut album Here Again. Definitely worth a listen, and it will probably be the best album of 2017.

You only formed as a band last year, so it’s been quite a quick process between then and the awaited release of Bloom. What are your opinions on the music industry at the moment, and how easy/hard have you found it trying to get noticed? Do you have any tips for any bands that may be reading thi

Yeah this is a really new project, but we just wanted to make a record the moment we were happy with the music. The music industry is a funny one, but it’s the same as any other business really. No one is too interested in helping you out if they don’t know who you are, and it is tough to get your band noticed. This is essentially what we are doing at the moment for Seasonal and the E.P., so I guess we cannot really comment yet. What we would say is practice a lot, make sure you are completely happy with the music before committing to recording, and definitely get a recording. If fans can’t listen to you, how can they like you.

You’re originally from Surrey. What is the music scene like down there, and how is it for bands starting out? It’s not an area you typically think of when you think about burgeoning music scenes, but perhaps you could help put it on the map!

The music scene in Surrey is fairly good to be honest. There are some great bands from the area that have found success from here, like You Me At Six, Reuben, and Hundred Reasons. I am not sure people were too fussed about where they were from. It’s a pretty good area for bands starting out. There are a few venues like The Boileroom in Guildford that put on great bands and offer locals the support slots. We’re also under an hour to anywhere in London, so opportunities to play venues in town do pop up which is always good.

Do you have any tour dates planned for the near future? If so, where are you playing?

We’ve got our first hometown show booked at The Boileroom, Guildford with Muncie Girls on 30th April 2017. We’re currently in the process of booking dates after the release of Bloom, so drop us a like on the socials and keep in the loop.

Why do you think people should come and see you perform live, and what can people expect from a Seasonal gig?

If you don’t like going to shows where the band is telling you to sit down, stand up, circle pit, wall of death… you’ll probably really like our show. We just want everyone to enjoy themselves, listen to the music and hopefully go away thinking they want to go pick up our record.

Any last words for the fans?

Support your friends businesses and progressions as you would support the celebrities you don’t know. iTunes preorder for Bloom starts on 19th April – you get Certainty straight away! The full E.P. releases on 19th May.