My Baby, Prehistoric Rhythm

Indie Funk band My Baby have released their latest album Prehistoric Rhythm.

By Jane Howkins.

Back in 2015, My Baby released their sophomore effort, Shamanaid. On release Shamanaid was lauded by the critics, with it even managing to net the band a very prestigious Edison Award for the category of Best Alternative Album. Now they’re back, with eclectic third offering Prehistoric Rhythm being just as trippy as their last effort.

The Dutch band fit into a weird niche. Their music largely electronic and has house components to it, with a steady rhythmic beat usually present in the background. However, there are so many different elements at play here that it’s hard to categorise them by genre, which is perhaps a good thing in today’s sometimes stale music industry. Whilst the aforementioned electronic elements are hard to avoid, and people who straight up do not like that sort of thing may be turned off at first, it’s worth sticking with, as there’s so much more to like here.

Each song adds a new twist and a new set of instruments. There’s very much a feeling that My Baby are using actual instruments instead of just programming them in, and there are clearly some extremely creative brains behind the scenes. There are disco elements on opener Electrified, Middle Eastern sounds on Ancient Tribe, and even a folky violin riff on Love Dance that sounds like something from an irish jig. There also seems to be a western vibe to things, with certain moments reminding you of classic cowboy themes, which is something we absolutely love in this setting.

Overall, Prehistoric Rhythm is an interesting and innovative third album, and one that we highly recommend. It may take some getting used to, but with so many styles at play, there should be something for everyone.