Casey, Love Is Not Enough

Alternative band Casey have released their debut album Love Is Not Enough. 

By Jane Howkins.

   Love Is Not Enough is the debut album from metalcore band Casey, and it’s surprising intense for a first record. First track Bloom explodes in a roar of screaming voices and discordant guitar tones before the tension right up, alongside your own heartbeat. It’s an interesting start to the record, and feels very cathartic, for both band and listener.

This is the kind of thing that runs throughout the whole of Love Is Not Enough. Casey never let up, with a great deal of passion and raw energy blasting out from each track, whether the tempo is fast or slow. They’re clearly a band that values innovative and creativity, with the vocal changes and breakdowns being of a different kind to that usually heard in such a band.

There’s an interesting contrast played out on this album, and the last two tracks (Doubt and Mourning) display this well, with the former being a slow, enchanting number, and the latter being perhaps the most intense song of all. Quite frankly, it’s an emotional whirlwind, and one that should draw you right in, before leaving you feeling battered and beaming with joy after the closing notes of Mourning. Elsewhere, Casey manage to effortlessly step away from genre constraints, mixing spoken word lines and atmospheric background instrumentals that brim with courage.

Love Is Not Enough is intense, chaotic, and an album simply bursting with energy. If this is what they’re like on their first full release, then what will they produce further on down the road?