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Tom Hingley, vocalist with Inspiral Carpets, celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the band’s Revenge Of The Goldfish album with a show at Leeds Belgrave Music Hall on Thursday 25 May, supported by two Leeds bands, Skull and The Calls.

Tom Hingley, frontman with Inspiral Carpets during their highly successful recording and live career during the 1990s, has announced a show at LEEDS BELGRAVE MUSIC HALL on THURSDAY 25 MAY with support from two of the most highly charged and promising bands that Leeds has to offer, SKULL and THE CALLS.

2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of the INSPIRAL CARPETS’ seminal album, REVENGE OF THE GOLDFISH, which spawned such legendary singles as Dragging Me Down, Two Worlds Collide, Generations and Bitches Brew. TOM HINGLEY AND THE KAR-PETS will play the album in full at the Leeds show, alongside classic INSPIRAL CARPETS singles such as This Is How It Feels, Move, She Comes in The Fall, Joe, I Want You and Saturn Five.

Having joined INSPIRAL CARPETS in 1989, successfully overcoming all other vocalists who auditioned for the role, including Noel Gallagher, TOM HINGLEY sang vocals on the band’s four chart albums – LIFE, THE BEAST INSIDE, REVENGE OF THE GOLDFISH and DEVIL HOPPING – and their shoal of chart singles.

Having published CARPET BURNS: MY LIFE WITH INSPIRAL CARPETS in 2011, his warts-and-all account of his time with the band, TOM HINGLEY AND THE KAR-PETS began touring last year, supporting Embrace at their Secret Festival, selling out the 100 Club in London, and drawing a crowd of over 2000 to their Shine On performance at Minehead Butlins in November.

As Tom himself says: “The Kar-Pets have a distinct difference to the rest; they offer a tribute to a famous band, in this case Inspiral Carpets, but they feature the Inspiral Carpets’ lead singer, the man whose vocals powered Top Twenty hits for the Manchester stalwarts throughout the early and mid 1990s”.

As one of the most iconic vocalists of a memorable era, TOM HINGLEY is clearly as passionate and energetic as ever. The show in Leeds is destined to be a celebratory, euphoric affair and a night to remember.

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