We interviewed vocalist Benio from the band Sibling to discuss their newest single Love/Sick, their upcoming E.P. launch show and a possible UK tour.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

You’ve just announced a new single, called Love/Sick. What can you tell us about it, and what does the title refer to?

Yeah we were all really keen to get this song out! It ties in with the theme of the whole record, which is based on a toxic relationship. The title refers to the feeling of being stuck in said relationship with someone because it’s all that you know.

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Do you have any other singles planned for release in the next couple of months? What sort of song do you think works best as a single, and how do you usually choose them?

We do! Expect something a little more easy on the ears. When it comes to choosing which songs should be singles, we just mention which one is our favourite and has the catchiest chorus, simple as that really! Although we did have some trouble deciding because we like the whole EP.

You have an EP due to be released on June 30th, titled Dream You Away. What can you tell us about it? Are you excited?

Dead excited! I can tell you that it’s comprised of four songs we all worked really hard on. It’s influenced by a range of genres. The theme of the record is heavy, but what’s the point of writing music without feeling?

You recorded the EP at Crooked Rain Studios in Leeds, which is rather close to us. Why did you decide to record there, and how was the experience? It’s rather far away from your home area!

Bob Cooper took over the studio a couple of years ago and we recorded our first EP there. He’s a wonderful person and he gets better with every project he records. We are in love with the production of Dream You Away, you couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces for a day or two once we received the final mixes. The studio also has natural light, which staved off ‘studio fever’ for a bit. We went a bit nuts anyway, always do.

You’re originally from the Windsor and Maidenhead area. What is the music scene like down there, and are there any other emerging new bands you recommend we check out?

There is close to no music scene here, unfortunately. We’ve got London a half hour train ride away, so we’ve always gone into London for most shows. However, it would be really cool to play a ‘hometown’ show in Reading, which is fairly local to us, so we’ll see what we do with that in future. If you’re a fan of post-rock and want to challenge your music taste a little then listen to Coldbones and Gun Shy, both have new music coming out soon.

You have an EP launch show at Thousand Island in London on 8th July. Are you excited for that? What can fans expect from the evening?

This is going to be a really special night, of course we’re excited! You can expect us to play every song off the new EP, blue fairy lights and the music to be loud.

You’re taking several others acts along with you for the EP launch date, such as itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Lightcliffe, and Bodyheat. Why did you choose those guys for such a special occasion, and were you already fans of their music before organising the date?

We’re actually doing a UK/EU tour with itoldyouiwouldeatyou and our release show is part of the run, can’t wait to watch that band every night for a couple of weeks! Lightcliffe we all saw at a show we played at the beginning of April, they are so bloody tight live. Joe, who plays in Bodyheat and also runs Close To Home who are releasing ‘Dream You Away’ sent over a couple of the new Bodyheat songs and they were stuck in my head for days, obviously, we had to have them on the show!

Do you have any plans for a full UK tour in the near future?

We’re out in July, and we’ve got a tour in the works for later in the year with a really cool band from the US.

Why do you think people should come and see you perform, and what can people expect from a Sibling gig?

We play catchy but atmospheric songs, with energy and passion. You can expect it to be loud and you can also expect a shit-ton of reverb.

Any last words for the fans?

Thank you in advance for picking up a copy of ‘Dream You Away’ and for coming out to a show. You won’t regret backing us.