Hot Mulligan – Opportunities

Michigan pop-punk band Hot Mulligan recently released Opportunities, a digital re-release of their debut EP.

By Jane Howkins

It may seem peculiar having a re-release of an EP when Hot Mulligan haven’t even released their debut album yet, but if you’re into this sort of thing, it might be worth checking out if Opportunities skimmed over your radar the first time around.

Those who did pick up the EP when it first came out will most likely be wondering what it includes to make another purchase worth their while. In all honesty, not a lot. The only new addition is an acoustic track titled Deluxe Capacitor, a nice song that is remarkable purely on the basis that the rest of their songs are generally a lot heavier. However, we recommend just purchasing the new track instead of the whole EP if you already own it, perhaps justifying a digital only format.

For those new to Hot Mulligan, there’s obviously a lot more on offer. Admittedly, their music doesn’t push at many boundaries, and it’s squarely stuck in that middle ground between pop-punk and emo, but if you’re into those genres then you will find something to like here. It’s important to remember that this is basically the band’s first ever release, and as such, it isn’t meant to set the world alight. However, it is certainly a strong first time effort.

Opportunities is a nice enough re-release, albeit one that we can’t fully recommend to fans that already own the original version of the EP. However, if you’re new to Hot Mulligan, then by all means take a listen and see what you think – there is a lot of promise here.