Daisyhead – In Case You Missed It.

Nashville band Daisyhead have released their second album In Case You Missed It. 

By Jane Howkins 

  In Case You Missed it is the latest release from Daisyhead, and it’s a solid sophomore effort. They’ve had some fairly turbulent times recently, and it certainly shows on the album, as it’s an emotional whirlwind from start to finish.

Their music is quite hard to classify in terms of genre, but there are elements of indie, shoegaze, emo/post-hardcore, and pop-punk present throughout. It is, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air, especially considering that a lot of the music that seems to be being produced at the moment by other bands tends to follow a safer path. There is nothing safe about the eleven tracks on In Case You Missed It, and it’s great to see a group unwilling to conform to the usual genre stereotypes that can bog a young band down.


It’s a very atmospheric album, with an intensity present that few groups possess, let alone with a suitable degree of control. Daisyhead are the sort of band that you need to listen to a few times in order to fully ‘get’ what they’re trying to do, but it should click eventually (unless you really aren’t into this style of music – and it isn’t for everyone), so we do recommend just listening to the album in order a few times before dismissing it.

It’s not a perfect album by any means. There are some places where what Daisyhead are trying to do falls short but overall, In Case You Missed It is a thought provoking and creative effort, from a band that are obviously averse to conformity.