Sondre Lerche

We interviewed Norwegian singer songwriter Sondra Lerche to talk about his new music, scoring film and his upcoming Dot to Dot Festival performance!

By Jane Howkins

You just released a new single, titled Violent Game (Ice Choir Remix). What can you tell us about that?

It’s just a remix of one of the songs from Pleasure. It’s originally the least shiny, dancy song on the album, so I thought it’d be cool to have Ice Choir, who I am a fan of, do their thing with it.

Do you have any more singles planned? How do you choose which songs to release as singles?

I dropped quite a few singles leading up to the release of Pleasure, but there’s always more to come. I like a good single, whatever that is. I choose singles by pure animal instinct.

You’ve also recently released a new album, called Pleasure. What can you tell us about that, and how has it been received so far?

It’s been liberating and joyous. It’s a fun record to play live, and it’s great to see my audience embracing it and taking their sweet time with Pleasure. I am very fond of this record.

Your music is rather eclectic. Where do you get your inspiration from? What/who inspires you as an artist?

Inspiration is everything, it changes all the time. It’s life, it is death, it’s a trap, it’s a gun. I get inspired by other music just as I sometimes get repulsed by it. I’m just following my appetite and curiosity.

Back in 2014, you scored the film The Sleepwalker. Is that something you would like to do again in the future, and how did that come about?

It’s a really good shift from what I normally do, to score movies. I’ve only scored two very different films, but I enjoy doing it from time to time, as it takes your mind off yourself, and it’s a good opportunity for collaboration. The Sleepwalker was my ex-wife’s directorial debut, so I was quite involved in a lot of ways. It was an intense process on many levels, but the work was good.

You’re originally from Norway, but you are currently based in Brooklyn. How do the two compare, and how is the music scene in Brooklyn? Do you miss Norway?

I’m in Norway all the time so I never get to miss it. There’s so much talent there, so many good players and producers and whatnot. I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

Do you have any tour dates coming up? If so, where are you performing, and is there anywhere you are particularly looking forward to going to?

We are doing a lill European tour, which also takes us to Dot 2 Dot festival. Just completed the US tour, and then summer is Norway and Japan dates and festivals. Japan is always cool.

We see you are playing at the Dot to Dot Festival in the UK. Are you looking forward to it, and have you been before?

Never been to that festival, hear it’s cool. It’s been a while since I played the UK so I’m excited we get to do the three D2D dates and then London. It gives me pleasure to reconnect with British fans. I’m not so well known there, but those who know, they know damn well.

What can fans expect from one of your gigs, and why do you think people should come and see you perform live?

Our set is quite explosive, the old along with the new, it all comes off rather fresh. We’ve already played over 70 Pleasure shows so we are in rare form!

Any last words for the fans?

I love you, peace and pleasure be with you and your loved ones.