Wendy Bevan – Rose & Thorn.

Rose & Thorn is the debut album from Wendy Bevan, an electronic noisenik from the UK.

By Jane Howkins

We recently reviewed Bevan’s Love From The Moon EP, which we thoroughly enjoyed, and Rose & Thorn only shows Bevan continuing to push at the musical boundaries which she has set herself.

Whilst Love From The Moon had a similar sound to Ray Of Light era Madonna, Rose & Thorn reminds us of early PJ Harvey, but with more of an electronic feel to things. There’s a very 90s alternative rock theme to things, but Bevan has added a modern twist, and it actually works really well. It’s almost as if PJ Harvey and Garbage had a musical baby together, with Nine Inch Nails as the surrogate mother – if you can imagine such a thing!

At times, the tracks on Rose & Thorn sound rather simplistic, but don’t be fooled by that, as there is much more under the surface. This isn’t the sort of album that you can just dive straight into, and it will take some listening to fully understand it all, but there are so many different layers to delve underneath, and listeners will constantly find themselves uncovering more and more as they go along.

Wendy Bevan has very much created her own sound on Rose & Thorn, carrying on from the Love From The Moon EP. If you can only try one, it’s recommended that listeners check out the album over the EP, due to obvious concerns about length (and 2 of the tracks from the EP are on the album anyway), but it’s clear from both that Bevan is a very talented songwriter, who will hopefully manage to make a name for herself in the future.