Chris T-T, Best Of

As part of his 20th anniversary making music, Chris T-T has recently released his newest double album Best of Chris T-T.

By Jane Howkins.

Brighton based singer-songwriter Chris T-T (real name Chris Thorpe-Tracey) recently released a greatest hits compilation of songs from throughout his extensive career, simply titled Best Of. He recently announced that he would be giving up music for good, which is rather sad for his fans, but at least this song collection sees Chris going out on a high.

For those uninitiated into the workings of Chris T-T, it’s important to point out that there is a clear message to his music. He’s unashamedly left-wing, and politics are something that he is obviously very interested in, based upon the lyrical themes of his music. Because of this, we’re reminded of fellow singer-songwriter Beans On Toast, and anyone that enjoys his music will also enjoy this. Interestingly enough, Chris actually criticises some of his fellow liberals on Love Me I’m A Liberal, so there is something here that those that are more politically more right might also find interesting. There’s also a hint of Frank Turner in there, but that might be more to do with Chris’ vocal stylings, as Turner’s music tends to be a little more upbeat, and he probably has slightly different political views as well (although Chris has previously supported Turner on tour).

There’s a great range of songs from across Chris T-T’s career present on this Best Of compilation, from the upbeat stylings of The Headcold Bit Of The Winter, through to the softer, more acoustically designed tracks such as The Huntsman Comes A Marching. Chris’ music is an acquired taste, and those who have differing political views or just simply aren’t interested in politics might find themselves unable to get into this collection, but if you can push past all that, then there is something great to be found here.