Guadalupe Plata – Guadalupe Plata.

Guadalupe Plata is the fourth full-length album from trio Guadalupe Plata.

By Adam Shorthouse.

The Spanish rock and blues threesome try their hand at American western-folk to great success. Whilst you might not want to hoedown to this record, you will most certainly will want to ‘throw-down’ to this punchy, relentless, and tense album.

It is very clear to see where Guadalupe Plata get their inspiration from. From the title track, to the final track, Almeria, the triad evoke the vibe of a classic silver screen western. Imagine yourself in the late 1800’s, in a saloon just off of the Mexican border. The gentlemen folk are spitting tobacco and downing dram after dram of whiskey. Suddenly, after being caught staring at one of the locals for a second too long, a commotion breaks out. You find yourself in a Mexican standoff in the roaring desert sun. This album is the soundtrack to that situation. The heat, the grit and the tension are all apparent in this record. Guadeloupe Plata 2017 totally encapsulates the feeling of starring in your own spaghetti western, and would not feel out of place in a Quentin Tarantino or Clint Eastwood flick.

The vocals, whilst all in Spanish, are smooth and rather gentle. And, whilst the majority of the album is instrumental, the inability to understand the vocals matched with the exceptionally passionate delivery further adds to the immersive experience. Furthermore, they nicely juxtapose against the harsh twanging of the western American folk guitar, boisterous drumming, and thunderous bass. Make no mistake, this album is a big hitter. It is loud, in your face and extremely rambunctious. Whilst the record is short and barely hits the 30-minute mark, Guadalupe Plata manage to make a thrilling ruckus in such a short amount of time.

Granted, this album’s particular sound adds little new to the genre. There are a handful of genre specific clichés found in this record. But despite saying that, the band are clearly paying homage to a style that has been starved of attention in recent years. Not to mention that Guadalupe Plata have certainly refined the genre by developing such a sharp and charismatic sound.

Guadalupe Plata is an enjoyable album with a nostalgic eye for silver screen westerns. The band’s clear sense of style and finesse make for an unforgettable romp through the wild west.