Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth.

   Californian rockers Papa Roach are back with new album Crooked Teeth.

By Jane Howkins

Recent critical opinion on Papa Roach tends to sway towards the idea that the band have improved greatly since their nu-metal days, and we’ve got to admit, we largely agree with that. Nobody can forget how great first album Infest was, even if it was a little bit cheesy. However, as good as some of those songs were, the Papa Roach of recent years seem to have produced some even better tracks, with Crooked Teeth altogether being a good rock album that fans both old and new should enjoy.

For those who haven’t checked in for a while, the rap is pretty much gone, with vocalist Jacoby Shaddix instead choosing to sing. There are a couple of tracks where rapping is featured (such as My Medication), but it’s rare and usually perpetuated by guest vocalists (of which there are a lot of), and we much prefer Shaddix’s singing, as he actually has a rather powerful voice. Whilst a lot of the tracks here feature big riffs and rock guitar, there is some balladry present for those looking for the next Scars, with Help being an extremely catchy number in this regard.

We’re also suitably impressed by the instrumentation present, and there are some interesting guitar melodies and riffs that really stand out. Sunrise Trailer Park is much slower paced than the band’s usual stuff, and the verse riff is slower, slightly off-kilter, and almost a little eerie. More of this would be greatly welcomed next time, and it helps to make Papa Roach stand out from the crowd of group’s vying to be at the top of the metal chain.

Papa Roach have obviously taken a lot of inspiration from different places on Crooked Teeth, and it’s really great to hear a band from the now very much defunct nu-metal scene still going, and continuing to change and evolve with the times whilst doing it. There is some filler here, but overall this is a great comeback for the band, and we are confident it is enough to push them back up to their lofty highs once again.