Blue Tree Gallery: “Northern Palettes”

An exciting new summer art exhibition at the Blue Tree Gallery opens on 1st July 2017 titled Northern Palettes.

“Northern Palettes” art exhibition at the blue tree gallery in York.
Opening on Saturday 1st July to 2nd September 2017.
This exhibition brings together 3 accomplished  painters and 1 ceramic artist on the theme of painting the landscape in the north.
John Paul Cooke – Painter
The work he creates, which is in abstract form, is often derived a landscape theme. Colours, textures and form inspire him to create highly personal, unique works of art, often based on situations and experiences from daily observations. 
Inspiration is generally drawn from the earthy textural tones of the landscape around him in Yorkshire and the Peak District.                                                                                                                                  
My work takes days often weeks to complete. Layers of paint, give history and meaning to the painting…. creating clarity, texture, tone and movement in its conclusion. 
Although simple in appearance and pleasing on the eye, the art is complex and carefully crafted … a Pandora’s box of images, texture & colour open to thought, contemplation and above all to the enquiring mind, interpretation.
Emerson Mayes – Painter
Although the landscapes I paint are always actual places, I am acutely aware that the painting is the object that will exist and be seen. Therefore trees may be moved, horizons changed and colours altered. I always attempt to walk that thin line between the representation of the landscape and the physicality of the act of painting.

My paintings will not change the world, or make political comments – but that doesn’t mean to attempt to define and describe the world that surrounds me is any less justified today as it has been throughout art history.
Janine Baldwin PS – Painter
I have exhibited extensively across the UK, including with the Royal Academy of Arts, the Society of Women Artists, and the Pastel Society UK, London. I am honoured to have won awards for my work such as The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award in 2014, the Haworth Prize in 2015, and the Unison Colour Young Artists Award in 2016, London. This year (2017) I am excited to have been elected a member of the prestigious Pastel Society, London.
My work is the expression of a lifelong affinity with the landscape. I live on the North Yorkshire coast of the UK, and this location is a constant source of inspiration to my painting. My interest lies not in making a literal representation of nature but rather in celebrating the physical sensory experience of land and sea. As a result, the semi-abstract paintings are vibrant and energetic, combining gestural marks and the use of rich evocative colour.
Associations arise from the colours and lines – a fresh green may be reminiscent of new foliage in springtime, a round shape may recall pebbles smoothed by the waves. I use a gradual layering of paint to create my work, and oil sticks (oil paint in solid form) are often used to integrate drawing and painting. Recently drawing has been central to my work and I have used pastel, charcoal and graphite to explore mark-making.
Meghan Downs – Ceramics                                                                                                                                Drawing and mark-making techniques are used alongside raised textures to directly decorate the ceramic surface, creating richly layered, contemporary slab built Earthenware forms. Spontaneous layering and merging of fragmented imagery, taken from different places, has created a unique collection of interesting ceramic vessels inspired by memory and unconscious experience of place. No two pieces will be the same. Architectural drawings developed from sketchbook illustrations are applied to the clay body using processes such as stencils, ceramic transfers, slips and underglazes. The spontaneity of decorative processes and the adjustment to building slight alterations in form for each vessel means the clay becomes a working canvas. Meghan is currently based on the Starter Studio Programme, run by Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield. She was chosen as ‘Newcomer of the Year 2016’ at the British Craft Trade Fair, sponsored by craft & design magazine. Recently, she has completed commissioned collections and continued to produce work to stock galleries and exhibit at well known craft fairs.