Hunter & the Bear – Paper Heart.

   Paper Heart is the new album from London rock band Hunter & the Bear, and we’re happy to announce that it’s a surprising heavy album that keeps on giving the more you listen to it.

By Jane Howkins

The sound of Hunter & the Bear is sort of similar to the post-grunge stuff that bands such as Goo Goo Dolls and Shinedown have been producing recently (part of that is due to frontman Jimmy Hunter’s raspy vocals), but thankfully they’re at the better end of that spectrum.

Whilst there are obviously a lot of grunge influences within the band, it’s also apparent that they have a 70s rock influence, and we’d bet that they’re big fans of Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. It all makes for a nice mix, and there’s so much in there that anyone into rock will find something to like. They never stray massively away from the post-grunge template, but they change things up just enough to stay interesting. It’s also worth pointing out that pretty much every song is extremely catchy, although we recommend taking a few listens to the album in order, as it does seem to be one of those that takes a few spins to initially get into.

All in all, Paper Heart is a great album from an up and coming British band, and we highly recommend checking this one out, as it’s one of the better records from the sometimes maligned genre.