We interviewed three-piece alternative band Blinders ahead of their performance at the Cotton Cloud Festival on the 12th August.

Interview by Jane Howkins.

1. You’re playing at the newly formed Cotton Clouds Festival, in
Saddleworth. Are you excited about that? How does it feel to have been asked
to perform at a brand new festival?

It’s always very flattering to be invited to a festival, it almost feels
like a bit of an honour when anybody gives us the opportunity to show up
present our half hour, so to speak. It’s especially a pleasure to be part of
the festival’s first year.

2. Who else are you looking forward to seeing on the bill?

To see The Coral for the first time we are sure will be wonderful, heard
nothing but good stuff about their live show. We are big fans of The
Sundowners as well, for anyone at the festival we’d highly recommend
checking out their set, those harmonies are a joy to witness.

3. Do you have any other festivals planned for the year? If so, what are
they, and which are you looking forward to performing at the most?

Following Transmit festival, we head to Blackthorn, Kendal Calling, Party in
the Pines and Hope and Glory before we arrive at Cotton Clouds. We’ve really
enjoyed playing festivals so far, there really is a unique vibe to them and
we understand that the ones we are about to play are a blast. Festival No.6
and Rec Rock festival will be a nice way to round off the season.

4. Why do you think people should come and see you play at Cotton Clouds
Festival, and what can people expect from a typical festival show?

We’re not the greatest of self salesmen but we offer nothing more than
musical fierceness and a point of view. People may not agree, people might
not have a clue what we are talking about, but people enjoy themselves
either way. Just come down for the ride.

5. Any last words for the fans?

It ain’t in the rumours that people are tellin’ yer, and it ain’t in the
pimple lotion that people are sellin’ yer: vote labour.