Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band will be touring their most recent album, The Front Porch Sessions, throughout the UK.

The Front Porch Sessions were released March 10, 2017 on Family Owned Records/Thirty Tigers. Speaking of the release, frontman Peton said that “It started as a literal whim on my part, but it turned into something really special. I wanted it to feel like you’re on my front porch. You can almost hear the wood creaking.” Hailed as “nimble” and “personal” record, The Front Porch Sessions live shows will surely bring a high level of atmospheric intimacy. The songs will undoubtedly transport the audience at the venue to the porch!



The style of Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band should compliment a real life setting perfectly. During the recording of the album, Peyton reveals the recording took place near a train yard. Additionally, he elaborates that “I think you can hear the train on one track on this record. The studio’s in an old church, and the main sanctuary is the tracking room, so the haunting reverb that you hear is that room.” The band certainly pay close attention to setting scenes through sound and music. With the splicing of music with real world sound, an atmospheric performance is assured. After all, Peyton revealed that “we used a lot of vintage gear in the recording. I love that organic sound, and I’m always chasing that in everything I do.  I just like things that feel timeless.” An organic performance is certainly key here, and no doubt it will all combine well into a stage performance.


Inspired by the music, The Front Porch Sessions has also crafted companion videos. In a way that strengthens the personal ties between artist and art, many of scenes were shot on Peyton’s real life porch. Speaking further on this, Peyton explains that  “A lot of these songs started on the porch, and that’s what the videos are,” he says. “I’d be pickin’ and go, ‘I like the way this sounds, let me get my camera.'” No doubt fans at the shows will think much the same, and pick up their cameras to snap or record many memorable moments from the gigs. After all, that would truly make the band timeless!

The dates for the UK Tour can be found below.


Aug 11 – Borderline, London

Aug 12 – Boomtown Fair

Aug 13 – Farmer Phil’s Festival

Aug 15 – Tunnels, Bristol

Aug 16 – Robin 2, Wolverhampton

Aug 17 – Blues Café, Harrogate

Aug 18 – The Cluny, Newcastle

Aug 19 – Open House Festival, Bangor

Aug 22 – The Grapes, Stranraer

Aug 23 – The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Aug 24 – Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury