Fiona Grey Announces UK Tour

Following the announcement of an EP release this autumn and the premiere of her video for Money, composer and songwriter Fiona Grey has announced her UK Tour.

After releasing two hit EPs, Striped Heart and Belladonna, Fiona Grey is back for more. Building on the momentum of her acclaimed works, Grey will release a new EP that encourages listeners to consider pop culture from a fresh angle. The endeavour will deconstruct the grip of harmful vices, both emotional and in drug intoxication. Breaking the loop of manufactured pop and abusive tendencies, the EP is striking out to roam new ground. With Bowie named as one of the Grey’s foremost inspirations, the Chicago native looks poised to redefine the genre landscape in Dirty Pop.

On the EP is Money, the Paris-shot music video of which drew in talents of great accrediation, with fashion photographer Helmut Newton and costume designer Alexandra Mandelkorn pitching in alongside director Chase R. McCurdy. Names holding a heavy weight in California, twenty two year old Grey is expanding her outreach and rapidly boosting her already impressive credentials as an artist.

Consequently, by employing raw instruments and heartfelt lyrics, the LA based artist will be performing tirelessly on a UK Tour to make sure her talents translate a series of thoughtful messages. Her UK tour will no doubt serve as an interesting pre-cursor to the highly anticipated release of the EP, running throughout late August and early September. Half of her dates are scheduled with the Scottish down in Edinburgh, but Grey will be joining the Yorkshire folks on the 1st September in Harrogate’s legendary Blues Bar. If this date doesn’t suit, then her show in Manchester on the 5th September is just an hour away from many Yorkshire stations.

Further UK Tour Dates can be found below

8/21 – Frankenstein Pub – Edinburgh, UK
8/22 – The Cowshed – Edinburgh, UK
8/25 – The Cowshed – Edinburgh, UK
8/27 – The Cowshed – Edinburgh, UK
9/01 – Blues Bar – Harrogate, UK
9/05 – Whiskey Jar, Manchester, UK
9/07 – The Jacaranda – Liverpool, UK
9/08 – Telford’s Warehouse – Chester, UK