The Quireboys Play Wakefield

English hard rock band The Quireboys will be stopping by Wakefield on Friday 15th September for a memorable gig.

The Quireboys will be hitting Warehouse 23, the biggest and most exciting venue in all Wakefield. Creating the intimate bar room experience with all the talents of Britain’s best, guys and gals will find plenty to enjoy here at their show. After all, with over 30 years experience, The Quireboys certainly know how to play a room and raise the bar with each and every show.

No doubt The Quireboys will be playing tracks off their record Twisted Love. Speaking of the effort, frontman Jonathan Gray who is commonly referred to as Spike had this to say, “I don’t think there’s a harder working band out there, and I’m proud of that. A record like Twisted Love doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because this band plays so many shows, spends so much time together and is incredibly tight – as songwriters and performers.” Fans of the band should be especially excited for their show at Warehouse 23 then, as The Quireboys seem to be a band that value the stage equally to the recording booth. Ultimately, they enjoy playing to and off a crowd, and this will no doubt translate to those in attendence on 15th September.

Bass player Nick Mailing also had great things to say of the bands live vibe. Speaking confidently, Mailing offered “There aren’t many bands who’ve been around this long and who still enjoy other’s company and still play with a smile on their faces on stage.” It’s a great point to make, the group operating as a unit and single force to share their passions infectiously with the crowd.

Ultimately, The Quireboys look set to really deliver a memorable show in Wakefield. Their enthusiasim only goes from strength to strength with every show, and with experience comes more appreciation for what they do.


Tickets for the WAKEFIELD – Warehouse 23 show are available from here.