AWOLNATION – Here Come The Runts

Most people associate AWOLNATION with their 2011 hit “Sail,” but their new album
Here Come The Runts shows that they are so much more than a singular song.

By Jane Howkins

Here Come The Runts mixes together a wide variety of instruments and sounds, with everything from acoustic guitar to digital beats. This album is refreshing, and each song feels different. It’s like having a secret surprise with each track.

The instrumentals of each song really stand out on the album. At first listen, the lyrics
seem simplistic, and potentially forgettable. After several listens though, I realised that while the lyrics were repetitive, that repetitiveness helps to supplement the drive and the feeling of the instrumentation.

Tracks like “Tall, Tall Tale” are often repetitive, but that lyrical repetitive allows for the band to explore new sounds and to expand on their respective solos.

Here Come the Runts is an exceptional album, and I highly recommend it for people
seeking out new music. This new album is like a Russian nesting doll of goodness: every time you think it’s done, there is something else great to look at within.

Here Come the Runts by AWOLNATION is out now.