DMA’S – For Now

Australian rockers DMA’s just released their second full length release For Now, and it’s certainly a triumphant return for the indie rockers, having recently received high praise from to an album endorsement by Liam Gallagher of Oasis. We would say that this is enough to put them on the musical map, but they’re already halfway there, having slowly built up a fierce fanbase over the last few years.

By Jane Howkins

It’s an interesting endorsement, considering that Oasis seem to have been a rather big influence on the band, with elements from the wider Manchester music scene present within their music – in particular the guitar based music from the area. At times it can sound slightly dated and there is a hint of unoriginality at times as these influences are perhaps worn a little too much on their sleeves, however that’s not to say that DMA’s don’t put their own spin on things at times.

There’s something very heartfelt about these tracks, with emotion pouring through, with soft vocals pouring through these emotive songs, showing a side to the genre that isn’t seen much. One particular instance of this is Emily Whyte, which admittedly does veer down the path of cheesiness at times. Of course, there are plenty of harder moments present as well, with tracks like For Now and Do I Need You Now? showing off this side of the band.

For Now isn’t a perfect record, and to be honest this band might never produce one if they keep relying on the past in such a way. However, nostalgia can be a big factor in how well a group does, and because of this we predict good things for DMA’s. These guys are gonna be big, however a little originality would go a long way.DMA'S - New 1_preview

For Now by DMA’s is out now.